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Plantation shutters give a high-impact look to your home without a huge cost. The impact they can have on any indoor area is spectacular, even a quite mundane and non-decorated home can look incredibly good with Australian-made plantation shutters installed on the interior window.

Our plantation shutters Adelaide are a wood effect style, that does not warp or have any issues that older wood shutters of the past once suffered from. Being a durable material whilst still having the wood effect shutter style is the best in terms of price, longevity and durability. Furthermore, the mechanisms for operating the Australian plantation shutters are also much more intricate and allow you to open the shutters all the way or simply tilt the slats up or down to adjust to your home light level requirements.

Moreover, our blinds Adelaide enable you to control the light coming through the window of your home, which is great for also reducing the impact sunlight can have in terms of warming up a room. During summer you will likely want the shutters closed in the hottest part of the day to save energy and not rely so heavily on your air conditioning on these hot days.

These shutters Adelaide are very versatile and will suit almost any room. From kids’ rooms, studies, living rooms or dining areas. It’s always great to have the option of plantation shutters on a window.

Call our expert team to see how much we can save you on your plantation shutters and blinds in Adelaide. Where possible our team always source our products from South Australia, with options available for overseas manufactured options if you prefer.

Request your FREE quote and we will be happy to talk to you through our product options and get that perfect look for your home.

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Why Choose Plantation Shutters from Bargain Shutters & Blinds?

Plantation shutters are a popular choice for window coverings in Adelaide due to their versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

They offer better light control, increased privacy, and improved insulation, and can be customized to fit any window size or shape. For those in Adelaide looking for a reliable and experienced business to complete their plantation shutter installation.

Bargain Shutters & Blinds are a great option. With a strong reputation for quality and customer service, they offer a wide range of plantation shutter options and can help guide customers through the selection and installation process.

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Australian Plantation Shutters Adelaide
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I purchase shutters and blinds from your company?

Purchasing the shutters and blinds from our company offers you a range of benefits. 

Our shutters and blinds are made of superior materials and excellent quality whilst still fitting your budget. We offer the best shutters and blinds in Adelaide for customization per your requirements to match your home colours and theme.

2. Do you provide any free measure and quote service to your customers?

Yes, we do offer free measure and quote services to our customers for shutters and blinds in Adelaide. All you need is to give us a call, and our team will come over at your convenience and give you the quotation as per the measurements, and requirements of your products.

3. What type of products are offered from your end?

We have an array of products to offer from our end. Starting from shutter blinds, window blinds, roller blinds, bargain shutters, plantation shutters, outdoor blinds, and more. We understand that every customer has different needs, and therefore, we make sure that there is a choice for customization for you.

4. Can you provide me with free advice, If I am unsure what kind of shutters and blinds to purchase?

YES! Definitely! Finding the right roller blinds is tricky, especially if it’s your first time. Our representatives will contact you and ask about your needs. Upon that, we will be presenting you with the options for the roller blinds in Adelaide. You will be so pleased with the service that we often see return customers within a few months for other products!

5. What is the procedure for placing roller shutters and blinds Adelaide?

The procedure for placing your order for window roller shutters, plantation shutters and outdoor blinds in Adelaide is simple. Our experts will get in touch with you for the measurements and arrive at your convenience. Once we finalize the products, it will take 3-4 weeks for installation.